Anne-Marie Madeleine Martin


Between 1913 and 2007

Topic: Genealogy

Madeleine Martin was born in 1913, from Ernest Émile Martin and Marie-Ernestine Faulque. She died in Paris in 2007.

She married Maurice Marfaing (read incredible story here) and had three children:

  • Yvette, born in 1936 in Belfort, France.
  • Janine, born in 1937 in Chaumont, France, died less than a year after, in Oran, Algeria.
  • Jacques, born in 1940 in Pamiers.


During the German occupation in WWII, she worked in a military canteen and served German officers. One day, as a German kept his hat on, she told him, as she brought his plate: “Découvre ta caboche!” (Remove your hat!). The German officer, not speaking French, heard the last syllable and took it for “boche” (derogatory term for German soldiers). The turmoil that followed was frightening for the young girl, but she could explain that she meant for him to take off his hat, as politeness demanded.

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