Émile Laugier


Between 1850 and 1895

Topic: Genealogy


Émile Laugier was from a family of the famous china from Moustier-Sainte-Marie.
Married to Fanny Clappier, he was the father of Marie-Elisabeth Laugier.

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  1. Bonjour / Hello,

    Ces photos sont très intéressantes !
    Je suis un descendant d’Emile Laugier & Fanny Calppier, et cousin des Bry.
    Je souhaite entrer en contact avec l’auteur de ce post.

    Those pictures are very interesting!
    I’m a descendant of Emile Laugier & Fanny Clappier, and cousin of Bry family.
    I’d like to contact the author of this post.


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