Eugénie Quentin


Between 1885 and 1955

Topic: Genealogy

Eugénie Quentin had been abandoned as a baby, in expensive lace clothing, and was adopted by a modest family in Ariège. Every year, a very well dressed man showed up at the family dwelling and gave money for her raising. She had been the only one in the family that could get a good education because of this mysterious allocation.

The legend wants that she was the illegitimate child of a wealthy Russian lord (this was during the Franco-Russian Alliance, when the rich Russians came in holidays in Nice). The mysterious man that brought Francs every years was probably an emissary of the said lord.

After Eugénie was 16 years old, the mysterious man wasn’t to be seen anymore. She became a very proud woman, very attached to the traditions of her county of adoption: Ariège.

She married François Marfaing and had a least one child from him: Louis Maurice Marfaing (born in Pamiers in 1906). Read Maurice’s story here, it’s quite interesting.

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