Frequently Asked Questions


What are the terms and conditions I must agree to before submitting a story

You will find the Terms of Use here, and the Privacy Policy here. Please read them.

Why not all stories are accepted?

Although we believe in freedom of speech, we want to make sure that Lifopedia.World stories are not used to promote violence, segregation or intolerance. We may choose to not publish a story if deemed unsuitable for the site.

How long does it take for my story to appear on the site after I submit it?

Depending on the number of stories we receive, it may take up to a few days before our curators can review your story.

The category I need doesn't exist

Please contact us to suggest a new category to be added.

Can I make modifications to my story after I published it?

Oh course. Go back to the Share page after logging in, then press the "Load a previous story for editing" button. Your previous stories will be listed in the box. Select one and press "Load Story".

Can I start writing a story, but not publishing it yet?

Yes, on the Share page, before the Submit button, you can choose to "Save as Draft".

My story is already published, but I want to remove it.

Go to the Share page, load your story, scroll to the bottom and "Save as Draft". The story will then be hidden from everybody else.

Why don't I see the AddMedia button on the Share page.

Once you are logged in, the AddMedia button will be visible, you will be able to add photos to your story.