Marie-Ernestine Faulque


Between 1879 and 1950

Topic: Genealogy

Daughter of Alphonse Faulque, a border agent in the French region of Franche-Comté and Marianne Martin, Marie-Ernestine was an uneducated and authoritarian woman. Her parent didn’t get along together and her father found refuge in absinthe, and sunk into alcoholism, virtually abandoning his family.


Marie-Ernestine was the second born of a family of seven children. Although she was an intelligent woman, she couldn’t get an education. Her father not supporting the family, she and her siblings had to work in the fields. They could only attend school in the winter, and therefore were called “the winter swallows” in the village school.


She married Ernest Émile Martin, which had a quite interesting life. They had three children: René, Anne-Marie Madeleine, born in 1913, and Roger.