Marthe Fabre


Between 1893 and 1977

Topic: Genealogy

Marthe Fabre

Marthe-Marie-Adrienne Fabre was born on September 9th 1893 and died December 30th 1977. She was the daughter of Gaston Fabre, lawyer, knight of the Legion of Honour, commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great, and of Marguerite Cavalier.

Wedding Marthe Fabre

On April 23rd, 1914, Marthe married Joseph Bry, Professor at the Faculty of Law of Aix-en-Provence, then Dean of this Faculty, also knight of the Legion of Honour, Croix de guerre.

They had nine children:

  • Jeanne-Françoise-Marie-Elisabeth, born February 19th 1916 in Nice.
  • Georges-Marie-Gaston, born in Grasse, July 4th 1928.
  • Marie-Catherine-Thérèse, born on December 8th 1919 in Grasse
  • Paul-Marie-Emile, March 8th 1921 – August 1st 1937
  • Elisabeth-Marie-Marguerite, born in Aix on June 22th 1922
  • Madeleine-Marie-Josèphe, September 18th 1922 in Aix


(I don’t have informations about the two other children.)

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