Memories of Myanmar



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A long time ago, I did a trip to Myanmar (also known as Burma), here are some photos:

The capital city is Yangon (also known as Rangoon), and keeps traces of it’s colonial past. Burma was part of the British empire.

Yangon (Rangoon) in 1996

Outside of the large cities, villages – at least in 1996 – did not have paved streets. Note in the following photo that both men and women wear the Longyi, a cylindre of cloth covering the legs. Men and women don’t tie it the same.

Burma muddy street

Burma village stalls


Women and children wear on their faces a cream made out of ground bark (called thanaka). This protects them from sun burns, and is astringent.

Burma women waiting


The transportation from village to village was different from what westerners are used to. There are buses or pickup cars in which there are women and animals on the rear platform, and stacked on the roof are the bags and men. (Hanging tight on the top of a speeding pickup on a dirt road is one of the many charms of Burma!)

Burma bus

Burma bus station


You find a lot of buddhist monks everywhere. This is because all men were require to enter the monastic life at least once in their life (starting when they are young). Even after a man is married and has children, he can go back to being a monk when he wants, for any length of time.

Burmese MonksYoung Burmese monk

Monks in the fog

There are numerous ethnic groups in Myanmar, some of them opposed to the government (formerly a military junta). There would be a lot to day about the political turmoil of Myanmar, if you are interested, you can start by reading on Aung San Suu Kyi.

Burmese people are incredibly kind and friendly, and a lot of them speak english. The country offered wonderful sceneries, like on the Lake Inle, in the plains of Bagan.

Bagan pagodas

Inle Lake


I recounted an adventured that happened to me in a separate post that you can read here.