Michael Henry Brophy


Between 1859 and 1905

Topic: Genealogy

Michael Henry Brophy,

Born in Quebec on November 27th 1859 (baptised the 30th), was a doctor (graduated from Laval University, Quebec), and mayor of Ste-Foy from 1899 to 1905.

Son of John-Joseph Brophy, a Canada customs agent, had emigrated from Ireland (Waterford county), and of Mary Aylmer Ryan, also from Irish descent.

Michael married, on April 21st 1890, Isabelle Ida Neilson, daugther of John Neilson, and Laura Caroline Morehead. They had five children: John, Bertha, Laura, Agnes and Isabelle (born in 1904).

He was nicknamed, the “Jolly little doctor”, and was the general practitioner of Sillery, Ste-Foy and Cap-Rouge. He died in the winter of 1905, harnessing his horse on his way to help a woman in labor.

A street in Ste-Foy wears his name: Brophy street.

Michael Brophy